A Queer Christmas

Queer Christmas

A Queer Christmas
By Bethan Marlow and the queer community of Swansea

A Queer Christmas is a celebration of queer life in Swansea. Come and enter our queer world and celebrate the life that exists within it. Join in the experience, go on adventures, meet an array of characters and see what happens behind all those closed doors. The fairies and the soldiers will hold your hand and guide you on your journey. Be entertained by kings, queers and queens. Open your eyes to a world that’s been hiding for years.

A Queer Christmas was performed between 6 December 2013 and 8 December 2013, indoors and outdoors around High Street, Swansea.

The cast of Queer Christmas sing

We sang, Queer Christmas, December 2013

We worked with Bethan Marlow and the LGBTQ community of Swansea to create a magical exploration of queer life for this site specific show in December 2013. For 6 months the team of professional actors and theatre makers worked with the community to uncover their hidden story and devise a very special and unique Christmas show. In December, a cast of professional actors and the community performed Queer Christmas on High Street itself and in adjacent shops and a nightclub.

We came out of a closet. We laughed and cried. We sang. We stopped traffic and danced in the street.

“Really impressed by all the performers who made #queerchristmas intense, tragic, uplifting and laugh out loud funny” – @philipmcnamee

“This project has helped me learn more about myself in so many ways and I am so grateful for it and all the tips that people have given me on the way. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! and I’m gonna miss you all hope to see you/ work with you again!!!!!”

“Go see @MessUpTheMess gloriously queer and poignant show on the High Street Swansea. Heartbreaking & hopeful” – @la_boon

Supported By Arts Council of Wales, The National Lottery, Swansea Youth Bank and GwirVol