This project is about the theme of home and using comedy to have fun at home. We will create our own fantasy spaces that could make us feel happy, silly, adventurous and safe. We will be exploring fantasy, folklore and the spaces and worlds we choose to make home.

What landscapes, objects and characters would you like to imagine up in your space? What kind of environment makes you excited? What kind of environment do you want to play or be silly in? Maybe it’s in nature, in a space with lots of other creatures and people or maybe it’s an indoor space that is just for you. These spaces might be calm and quiet or they might be somewhere that you find really funny.

There are lots of ways we can create these spaces such as performance, writing or making. The performance could be done through stand-up, sketches or maybe as a tour guide for your space. Throughout the next few sessions it would be great if you all could start thinking of what you would like to make or do for this project. If you do not want to perform you could make something instead like drawings, a small set or maybe an animation or you could write something that someone else performs.

We are working towards creating a sharing of our work which will be in March. The sharing will be an online event so we are looking to create pre recorded videos or performing live.

Ciaran, Callum and myself (Cerian) will also be making our own piece of work at the same time so we will be sharing our ideas with you in the sessions.