Creative Fusion

Some of our young female members spent a lovely, inspiring week with young Muslim females from Cardiff as part of a project called Creative Fusion, run by Cardiff theatre company, Fio.

By creating an environment that was safe, open and supportive, the girls were able to speak freely about their experiences, opinions and concerns about what it is to be a young woman in today’s society, discovering the differences and similarities between the two groups. The week was an exploration of their identities through movement, singing, acting, crafting puppets and poetry.

To celebrate the successful collaboration between the two groups, the girls performed the piece they created at Fio’s open day, at Butetown Arts and History Centre in Cardiff on Saturday 8th August.

It was a fun filled day, with a lovely social atmosphere and even a yummy BBQ!

We hope that the project might continue and expand in the future.  Fio picture