NT Connections Festival in Aberystwyth

On Sunday May 8th the cast and crew of I’m Spilling My Heart Out Here travelled to Aberystwyth to perform as part of the NT Connections 500 Festival at the Arts Centre. This festival marks 21 years of the National Theatre Connections Festival and over 10,000 young performers will take part across the UK this year.

IMG_2169The day started with a technical rehearsal on the main stage at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. We had two hours to set up all our set and props and relight for much larger stage than we had performed this show on before. It was all go; Sarah rehearsed new entrances and exits with the cast while Bethan and our technical volunteers helped the theatre staff programme the lighting cues and set up our projector.

Then in the afternoon the cast took part in a workshop along with the cast from Narbeth Youth Theatre. There was just enough of the afternoon left to have a quick rehearsal in the sunshine outside before it was time for costume, make up and a group warm up on stage led by Julia Wyndham, the Festival Director for Aberystwyth.

As well as our performance of I’m Spilling My Heart Out Here, there were two other performances on Sunday night; In Your Shoes performed by Narbeth Youth Theatre and Blackout performed by Take Part from RCT. It was great to share a stage with such dedicated and professional young people. Congratulations to everyone involved!