The Lockdown Games

Selection of different multi-sided gaming dice

Have you ever wondered how your own stories and experiences can become part of the theatre-making process?

We are working alongside Wales Millennium Centre and Pontardawe Art Centre in the development of a brand new piece of theatre with young people’s creative voices at its heart.

Using a multi-disciplinary approach digital artist Anja Conti, playwright Hefin Robinson and D&D expert Danny Muir are leading the group in the creation of a piece of theatre that combines storytelling and script writing, home-made animation and fantasy table top role-playing games.

The Lockdown Games is an online digital performance co-created responding to young people’s experiences of the pandemic and the challenges and concerns it has thrown up. This includes challenges the pandemic has exposed for young people and the complexity of negotiating the interface between online social/public space and offline private/family space. The production will explore young people’s experiences of escaping into the fantasy world of playing Dungeons & Dragons over Discord while experiencing the challenges of living alongside family while working and socialising in their bedrooms during Covid.

What are the parallels and contrasts between the challenges of the quests and worlds created online and those of the everyday? The final production will be performed from bedrooms. Opportunities will be created for young people who don’t want to be seen to perform via text through the webinar chat function. The game created within the story is used to develop content for the play and can be played for real to further generate audiences.

We are creating the story in an online Writers Room with Hefin Robinson and the young people, through interviews with D&D players and through playing table top games together over Discord.

We are exploring making ‘The Game’ central to all aspects of the project. In the production the young people will play ‘The Game’ over Discord as the challenges of real life during Covid creep into the fantasy world of ‘The Game’. Audiences will have the opportunity to play ‘The Game’ for real in the week leading up to the show.

We have commissioned digital artist Anja Conti to collaborate alongside young people to make multi-media content to help share some of the more fantastical elements of the D&D work as well as the reality of the home outside the bedroom and how this creeps into the world of the play.

Please email if you would like to know more or if you are aged 11-21 and want to sign up to any aspect of the projects development