Yfory 2024 – So far…

The three Yfory partner groups have been meeting monthly over the last 6 months; to work out what is the change or the thing they want to nurture for their future. This is how the groups have been progressing.  


Mess Up The Mess 

Children’s rights to get things wrong!
The Mess Up The Mess group have been exploring children and young people’s rights to a childhood, freedom to independent play, take risks and play free of threat from discrimination and harassment. The group are looking to create an original piece of theatre exploring these themes.

Oasis Dreamers Project 

At their last session the had lot of discussion around transport, the environment and discrimination with final discussions around how difficult it was to adapt to a new country. They also talked about how food and culture being vital to who they are leading to exciting discussions around creating a how to/survival guide film for young people coming to a new country and food being a way to connect with others. 

The Roots Foundation Wales 

The group have been discussing how the social work system can be complicated and confusing for them as young people; with new faces of Social workers constantly changes and lack of consistency. Discussions around how social workers can sometimes have 20-30 vulnerable young people to support at a time and young people people often seeing people leaving the social worker role. We are hoping we can create an original spoken word or rap video to share the experience of the young people in care/leaving care.