Yfory Welcome Workshop

Yfory Welcome Workshop

By Poppy Wilgress Lost Voices Intern


On the 21st January, the three groups involved in this years Yfory project came together to participate in a Welcome workshop. The Yfory project aims to use creative accessible tools to empower young people to ask important questions about their futures. We will be working with 3 groups of diverse young people across South Wales each year; each developing their own creative interventions to improve their communities future. That could be focusing on:

  1. Climate change
  2. Damage to the environment
  3. Future jobs and the impact technology has on this
  4. Inequality and Discrimination
  5. Conflict or misunderstanding between communities….

And the list goes on. These are just some of the suggestions that the young people we asked came up with. The Welcome workshop was an opportunity not only for all the groups to meet each other for the first time, but to also develop their ideas for the Yfory project.

The three groups involved represent different areas of South Wales. Point, a Youth group based in North Pembrokeshire who provide opportunities to 11 to 25 year olds and help with any obstacles they may face. Ty Hafan, a charity that provided help and support for children with life limiting conditions and their families. And lastly, young people from Ammanford who attend Mess Up The Mess. These three unique groups which provide opportunities and support for young people came together to discuss their current ideas for the project and also got to know one another. Though each group will ultimately create their own projects, they will also have a collaborative project later in the year, so getting to know each-other earlier in the project was highly beneficial and rewarding.

During the welcome workshop, the three different groups all participated in a variety of games and activities, which were designed to inspire creativity, energy and respectfulness but also to meet the participants disabilities and access needs. One of the benefits of having such distinct and unique groups form different parts of Wales, is that it highlights the many different issues that young people face and care about. Some of the topics discussed between the groups were LGTQ rights, Environmentalism, Children’s rights, Education and Community. Each group also had a supporting artist to help guide them through their ideas and also suggest possible to present them. During the workshop, each group presented their current ideas in a variety of unique ways. With groups exploring art forms such as drag, fashion, sculpture, performance and art to present their ideas to the other groups.

Overall, the welcome workshop was a great insight into the exciting and interesting things to come from this year’s Yfory project. We cannot wait to see what Mess Up The Mess, The Point and Ty Hafan come up with.