If you speak even basic Welsh you probably have a good understanding that ‘Yfory’ translates to ‘tomorrow’. In a nutshell, Yfory is speaking to tomorrow. More importantly, what do the young people of today want for the future of Wales? A valuable question.

Mess up the Mess will be answering this valuable question over the course of the next three years through working in partnership with two other Welsh youth organisations.  Our common goal is to bring to light the real and raw truth of what young people are forced to face in their day-to- day lives, and how this could be improved in the future.

One organisation may focus on listening to the voices of disabled young folk, and the judgment and discrimination that comes with that. Another  may be listening to young black voices and having honest and real conversations about the effects of racism, and how this could be turned on its head in the future.  The Youth organisations involved will draw in on the many topics in between. The aim is always to listen to the voices of the younger generations and give  them a safe place to flourish, grow and be open about their life experiences.

We are bringing together the diverse voices of young people from across Wales to break down perceived barriers, build stronger communities and to explore what this question brings up for them, using a range of creative and accessible tools to explore what they want for their tomorrow. What would they like to protect and nurture for the future, and where they want to see change in the future?!

How do we wish to proceed to make sure that we honour and trust the voices of the younger generation? Who after all, will be leading us into the future of Wales?

We, being everyone who is involved in the project, will be exploring a wide range of topics, that could range from climate change, inequality and discrimination, the future of jobs and how technology will impact those jobs. These are just some of the topics that the young people have told us so far that need to be explored.

Each group will create their own Yfory projects and will share these with their own communities and those of the partner organisations. They will respond to each others’ works with the view to deepen conversations and share wider learning. Each year they will also gather in the summer over three days to make a combined piece to consolidate learning across the projects, and bring them closer together and put all their new-found skills into practice through a collaborative experience.

We aim to use this project to have real conversations about very real issues, to get creative to explore these topics in depth, whilst also protecting and supporting every young person’s wellbeing. Respecting them as groups of people, and as individuals.

Our hope is that young people come away from this project feeling empowered, supported, with a greater understanding of their own capabilities, and trust that they can handle whatever ‘Yfory’ holds.

Written by Carmen Smith, who has been involved with MUTM for many years as a young person, and now is a young adult on placement with us. She hopes to be able have a future writing and as a freelancer in the creative industries, and looks forward to seeing how Yfory unfolds.

For making the project possible we would like to give a massive shout-out and thank you to our funders: ‘The National Lottery’ and ‘Children in Need’. Their support allows us in turn to put more time and energy into supporting young people, the growth of our communities and the future of Wales. So once again, from the entire Mess up the Mess team, much gratitude and love goes out to our funders for helping us believe in, and build a brighter tomorrow.