Well Iawn

Cupcakes with flags reading Well Iawn

Well Iawn is our 3 1/2 year programme to improve young people’s wellbeing across South Wales. From September 2017 to February 2021, we’re working with young people, using drama and arts activities to improve their wellbeing.

Our definition of wellbeing is very wide. It’s not just about mental or physical health. We’re also interested in all the things that help to make people thrive, such as the environment they live in, culture and the economy.

All the activities in the Well Iawn programme follow a dual approach:

  • they improve the wellbeing of individual young people by building confidence and self esteem and developing social skills in a supportive environment;
  • they support young people to explore the factors in the wider environment that affect their wellbeing, encouraging them to make changes that allow them to flourish.

When we were developing the project, young people told us about what was important to them. They told us about learning to accept themselves, and the importance of friendships. They also told us about the things that set them back: stress and anxiety, the expectations of others, being ignored. We developed Well Iawn with young people so that they could find creative ways to build on the good things and address the challenges to their wellbeing.

How does it work?

  • We run Taster sessions with youth groups across South Wales. These 2 hour sessions explore wellbeing in a creative, participative and fun way. They help the group identify what’s important to them and how they might want to continue in the Well Iawn project.
  • With some of these groups we’ll arrange to run a Wellbeing Residency. We’ll run a programme of 6 creative workshops at their venue, exploring the wellbeing themes they’re interested in. There’s no pressure to come up with a final product or performance. It’s all about the experience of taking part.
  • Some other groups might be interested in creating something more specific that can be shared with others. It could be a video, a performance or a piece of visual art. We’ll work with these groups on a Wellbeing Project and help them share it with a wider community.
  • We’re working with young people to create a ‘Wellbeing Pop Up’ which can be toured to youth and community events with wellbeing themed games and activities which involve the public.
  • We’ve created a Well Art Confidence Building Course – 2 days of fun and creative activities designed to improve the confidence of young people experiencing low self esteem or anxiety.

Well Iawn culminates in the Casgliad – a gathering of the young people we’ve worked with and a collection of everything they’ve created on the project. This 2 day youth let event will bring young people together with professionals and decision makers in a celebration of young people’s wellbeing.

We’re recruiting groups interested in being part of Well Iawn. If your youth group is interested in taking part in a taster session, get in touch. If you think you might benefit from taking part in a Well Art Confidence Building Course (or you know someone who might), get in touch.

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