Cartref Masterclasses

After 3 very successful, thought provoking and informative masterclasses here is what Cerian, Callum and Ciaran had to so say.

Masterclass 1 – Bilingual approaches to workshop facilitation with Bethan Marlow

Callum “A delightful and laughter filled masterclass on working on projects through English and Welsh, as well as creating work bilingually. A positive approach to a sometimes-divisive topic.”

Cerian “I really enjoyed this session, I felt extremely engaged and I learned a lot. During the session Bethan made me feel comfortable using the Welsh language and the exercises and conversation she facilitated has made me develop a new perspective on the use of language in my work and in workshops. This session has inspired me to be bolder with my use of the Welsh language and unapologetic for the mistakes I make.”

Ciaran “After our session with Bethan Marlow, I felt that the barriers to working bilingually had been broken down. Bethan made the whole concept really inclusive and introduced some really useful strategies that I will definitely be using in my future practice. It made me think about bilingualism, not in terms of English and Welsh, but also thinking about how I can work multilingually.”

Masterclass 2 – Embedding Inclusion with Elise Davison & Steph Back, Taking Flight Theatre

Cerian “This session was packed with information, everything we spoke about was very helpful and in depth. I feel more comfortable and able to create work that has access in mind and to execute it in a creative way. This workshop also made me fully understand the importance of time and lots of thought when it comes to integrating access into performances. The only thing I would change is that I wish the session was split in two so I could take more time to process the information.”

Callum “A fun and informative approach to exploring inclusivity in performance and art, encouraging myself to include audio description and creative captions as part of my work’s aesthetic”

Ciaran “Taking Flight’s workshop on inclusion was real useful and enjoyable. It was really good to have a refresh on things that I already knew, but also to learn new things about accessibility in the arts, and perhaps challenge some preconceptions I had. I definitely want to implement BSL and Audio Description creatively into my work in the future.”

Masterclass 3 – Approaches to film making with Tom Barrance, Learn About Film

Cerian “Tom delivered this session in an informative and digestible way. He is engaging and delivers information that I could process and didn’t feel overwhelmed by. I loved that the session was split in two and we had the opportunity to try out the things spoken about in the session. The VN editor app he found for us is very useful to my practice, I will be definitely using it in future. I also learned a lot from the second session when he described activities and ways that you can deliver film related workshops to young people.”

Callum “An engaging and insightful masterclass. Brilliant demonstration of making the film-making practice and process more accessible to young people and first timers.”

Ciaran “Our workshops with Tom Barrance definitely increased my confidence in terms of filmmaking. I hadn’t done much video editing previously, and before the workshop I found it quite daunting, but Tom made the process easy to understand by breaking it down into manageable chunks. I’m really pleased with what I produced, and will definitely add it to my practice in the future”