Change Your Mind

Neath Port Talbot Youth Council – Change Your Mind

Since last October we have been working with Neath Port Talbot Youth Council on one of our Community Action Projects. We have been working with the young people on the Neath Port Talbot Youth Council to make a change in their community that is important to them.

Through a programme of workshops the young people decided that Mental Health Issues were very important to their youth community, especially as the pressures of exams drew closer and closer.

They decided to create an interactive art exhibition that explored different aspects of mental health; to inform, educate and highlight issues that some young people were going through. They wanted to dispel the myth that when young people were expressing that they were having a metal health issue that it was a “teenage phase”. They wanted people to stand up take notice and change their attitudes.

At the end of March the young people set up thought provoking exhibition spaces in the Princess Royal Theatre in Port Talbot. The audiences explored the transformed dressing rooms that were themed artistically with the titles of depression, stress, anxiety and negative thoughts. The Mess Up Young people performed a theatre piece that

complimented the exhibition event.