Developing the Big Democracy Project

Flipchart paper with ideas for the Big Democracy Education project

The teachers are just following what they’ve been told. So it’s not just down to them.

Young people from Mess Up The Mess have been busy exploring the purpose of the education system, and developing creative ideas for Saturday’s Big Democracy event at Ammanford Miners’ Theatre. The event focuses on the theme “What is the purpose of the education system?” and will be an opportunity for the audience to creatively explore and challenge ideas of what the education system in Wales should look like.

Lifeskills are pretty important. Because in school you don’t really learn how to pay tax or deal with money.


Young people have been working with 5 professional artists to create work which will explore the issues and frame debate for audience discussion at Saturday’s performance:

  • Ali Goolyad, Poet and Spoken Word Artist
  • Chantal Erraoui, Actor and Performer
  • Daniel Morgan, Actor and Director
  • Bethany Seddon, Designer and Visual Artist
  • Chris Young, Sound Artist

Developing poetry exploring education from different perspectives

This week’s activity is part of National Theatre Wales’ Big Democracy Project which has worked across Wales using arts to explore how communities can reconnect with the democratic process. It will culminate with an event at the Senedd in March. Mess Up The Mess won the chance to work with National Theatre Wales on this project through an online vote in September.

From the perspective of a parent or teacher, I want them to understand that our generation… there’s a lot more stress imposed on us than there has been for past generations. Not just because of education, but so many other things like peer pressure and social media…

On Saturday 14th November 2015, the young people will perform the work they have created, and facilitate a debate with the audience at Ammanford Miners’ Theatre. To book your place, or for more information, visit or contact Gavin Porter 07889 757 662

Two sheets of flipchart paper on which a poem has been written artistically

A poem about education, by Jeno