By Dafydd James for National Theatre Connections

It’s Mayday, and a group of misfit children are specially chosen to close the day’s festivities; but as they gather together in uniform to rehearse the village anthem, all is not well. Tubbsy’s hiding a cat in his bag; Deirdre–May’s grieving her Nanna and Mark’s turned up as a stegosaurus.

As the rehearsal breaks down, they soon begin to suspect that they’ve been chosen for a far darker purpose.

Heritage, written by Dafydd James as part of the National Theatre Connections scheme, is a blistering black comedy that explores the darker side of nationalism.

The younger group from Mess Up The Mess toured Heritage around South Wales between 28 February and 29 March 2014, before performing at the National Theatre Connections Wales event at the Sherman Theatre in April.

We were especially delighted to be able to perform Dafydd James’s Heritage as part of the National Theatre Connections programme. Dafydd has worked with us on a number of occasions (most notably writing Click for us in 2011) and the young people always enjoy his boundless energy and his unique take on what makes them tick. During his research for Heritage, Dafydd had interviewed several young people from Mess Up The Mess who inspired characters within the play and who themselves were later able to take part in the play.

Supported by Big Lottery Fund, BBC Children in Need, Arts Council England