I’m Spilling My Heart Out Here

Girl amidst clouds of coloured powder

I’m Spilling My Heart Out Here, by Stacey Gregg
April 7th and 8th at 7.30 at The Miners’ Theatre, Ammanford

It’s the daily scramble across no-man’s-land: you flinch as you pass those even more clueless than you, strewn from the barbed wire of exams, first dates, evil former best mates… but hell’s ok if you stick together.

Mess Up The Mess Theatre Company present their own take on Stacey Greg’s play as part of the National Theatre Connections 500 scheme.

You can book tickets on 0845 226 3510 or by going to the website www.theatrausirgar.co.uk

Both performances will also feature short devised pieces from our regular workshop groups and a screening of the young people’s latest music film Broken Generation which they have created in collaboration with artists Aled Pedrick, Meilir Rhys Williams and Carolina Vasquez.

Funded through CAVS Youth Led Grant, Starbucks Youth Action. Supported through BBC Children in Need.