Unseen Unheard Exhibition Opens

Unseen | Unheard has opened at Volcano Theatre, Swansea.

Silhouette of a man running, with writing in Tigrean script

Detail from Michael’s artwork.

Since October, Mess Up The Mess and Bawso have been working with young people from Swansea’s BME communities and asylum seekers┬áto create artworks and an exhibition which explore life through the eyes of an asylum seeker, cultural traditions and violence against women. The Unseen | Unheard exhibition runs all week in Volcano Theatre’s exhibition space.

A drawing of a pair of lips, sewn together

Detail from video installation artwork by Sougri

Participants will be around throughout the week to talk about their work and the issues it explores. Each afternoon there will also be an art and drama workshop open to all.

A map of the world with wool threads indicating where visitors have come from

Visitors track the journeys that brought them to Swansea

The exhibition culminates in a multicultural party on Friday, in which communities from across Swansea will gather to share experiences, dance, sing and eat their way around the world.

3 artist's mannequins tied in wool, posed on a plinth made out of a tree trunk

Detail from Aiden’s artwork