Mess Up The Mess Volunteering 2021-2022

Mess Up The Mess Volunteering 2021-2022 set out to provide high quality, meaningful volunteering opportunities for young people and develop their skills in teamwork, facilitation, lighting, sound, video and online streaming through hands on, practical and creative training and workshops.

Over the last year, we have supported 29 young volunteers. 12 of the young volunteers completed 3 days of Peer Leader Volunteer training and have gone on to use and develop the skills learnt in workshops and events. 17 of the young people took part in Technical Theatre training in film, livestreaming, sound and lighting.

The young people have had the opportunity to volunteer on a number of different workshops and events, including peer leading at MUTM weekly theatre workshops and local community youth events, supporting the tech of an online show and planning and delivering a fantastic celebration evening ‘Dess Up The Dress’

Dress Up The Dress Celebration event gave the young volunteers the opportunity to plan an evening of fun activities for their peers whilst celebrating their achievements together. The event was a huge success.  Highlights and comments from the young people were:

  • karaoke
  • it felt like home
  • thank you for this amazing night, really enjoyed
  • I got the confidence to do karaoke
  • talking to friends
  • crafts watching karaoke
  • I’m glad to be invited and make more friends
  • hanging around with everyone
  • everyone’s costumes and singing were awesome


The next big event that they will get the opportunity to volunteer on and tech will be the spring show “Me, You and Us” at the end of May.

MUTM is able to support young volunteers and offer them opportunities to learn new skills, grow in confidence and develop through funding from Volunteering Wales.