Trans*form – Humanequin

Young people from Humanequin

Since last September we have been working with Youth Cymru’s trans*form group on Mess Up The Mess’s Community Action Project. We have been working with transgender young people across Wales, aiming to make a change within their community that is important to them.
The young people will be doing an event in July called Humanequin. Watch this space for a date and location. This event will also be supported with a film created by for and with the young people.
Humanequin is a piece that aims to inform, educate and celebrate the lives of trans* young people in Wales. It combines film and performance and explores real life stories, reflecting upon personal journeys and experiences, the joys, laughter and low points young trans* people face on a daily basis.
Humanequin will dispel myths and misconceptions about gender variance and encourage a conversation around gender identity among professionals working with young people in Wales.
The title came out of a conversation in which the young people said they wanted to be seen as human first.
We hope you can come along to support the event.